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A&R Therapies: The Laser Hair Removal Specialist

At one time, laser hair removal was not an option for darker skin tones which is still the case with some lasers. But our Vectus® can be used on any skin type! Vectus uses an FDA approved melanin reader to give the practitioner settings customized to YOUR skin type! This allows a more comfortable and effective experience. Our laser also has interchangeable optics. The smaller optic assists the nurse practitioner to perfect neck/beard lines and help to avoid tattoos and scars that could blister if not cared for properly. The large optic is perfect to give fast but effective treatments on back, legs, underarms, arms and bikini areas! Another reason Vectus is superior to other lasers? One word: DIODE. Vectus is a diode laser! This means that our laser provides a concentrated beam of energy to target the hair follicle (not your skin) to give permanent results without the unnecessary pain. In addition, our laser has a cooling system to precool and postcool the skin along with saphire tips to prevent hot spots- both to reduce discomfort. All procedures are performed by a nurse practitioner that will provide you with the safest, most effective, and comfortable treatment. Book your appointment today and experience the Vectus difference!

Kari Sullivan, MSN, RN-BC, FNP-C

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