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The Aging Skin: How Can A&R Therapies Help?

The Aging Skin

Skin aging is caused by two processes: intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic is natural and gradual whereas extrinsic is caused by environmental factors such as improper exposure to sunlight which accelerates the aging process. The main clinical characteristics of aged skin are increased wrinkles and loss of elasticity (laxity). The human dermis consists mostly of type I collagen, composed of 3 polypeptide chains. POLY WHAT?! Think of a paper clip strung together. Each chain consists of amino acids that are linked together. Amino acids serve as the building blocks of polypeptides, and polypeptides serve as the building blocks of proteins. Unfortunately, as we age, the links are less stable and loose function, due to the loss of collagen production. The result is loss of firmness, wrinkles/fine lines, texture changes, and skin that overall doesn’t bounce back as it once did.


What can you do to bring back the “bounce”?

We now have advances in the aesthetics field to naturally increase the production of collagen by creating a healing response to trigger more collagen to the skin. This results in less lines, wrinkles, more bounce, firmness and tightness to the skin! A&R Therapies offers microneedling with Skinpen® and non-ablative Tempsure Envi™. Non-ablative means that we can heat up the targeted tissue, without actually destroying it! This stimulates your body to produce more collagen to improve the skin. These two procedures trigger the production of more collagen with little to no downtime, are less expensive than surgery and provide a more natural approach to fighting the signs of aging. The devices are both approved by the FDA and are conducted by a nurse practitioner in a safe and secure medical environment.

In addition to procedures, skin care and nutrition is crucial to the aging skin! To protect your investment, A&R Therapies offers a range of skincare options. We offer medical grade Skinfuse® Post Procedure Protocol that has been formulated to optimize the results of microneedling. We also include a FREE Arbonne® skincare bundle (5 full sized botanically based products!) when you purchase a package of 3 or 5 Tempsure Envi™ facial treatments.

Want to know which procedure is right for you?

Call our office at (989) 752-1900 and speak to the nurse practitioner, Kari Sullivan or email!

You can also conveniently request your appointment/consult online at

For skincare and nutrition:

Kari Sullivan, MSN, RN-BC, FNP-C

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