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Cell Therapies Specialist

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Although some types of cell therapies have been used for years, others represent today’s most innovative and exciting regenerative treatments. Lakshmana Madala, MD, FIPP, at Pain Consultants of Michigan/ A & R Therapies is an expert in all aspects of regenerative medicine. His patients benefit from his experience by gaining access to cutting-edge treatments such as exosome therapy to naturally heal tissues and relieve pain. To learn more, call the office in Saginaw, Michigan, or schedule an appointment online today.

Cell Therapies Q & A

What are cell therapies?

Cell therapy is a unique medical treatment that uses live cells to treat a disease or injury. The cells may come from your own body (an autologous source) or from another person (an allogenic source) who has donated their cells.

The cells are injected at the source of your injury or diseased tissues, where they use their natural ability to promote healing and trigger new tissue production. Examples of long-standing and effective cell therapies include bone marrow transplants and blood transfusions. One of today’s most innovative cell therapies consists of exosomes.

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are tiny vesicles, or sacs, that are released by cells throughout your body. These vesicles act like messengers that communicate with other cells using the biochemicals contained inside the sac.

The substances carried by exosomes activate other cells to respond. Depending on their contents, exosomes can trigger numerous responses. The may stimulate tissue regeneration or ensure your immune system mounts an aggressive defense against pathogens.

Exosomes generally carry a variety of proteins, some of which are vital for metabolism. They also transport vital molecules such as DNA and RNA. They can carry tumor antigens sent by your immune system to fight cancer. On the other hand, exosomes are also released by cancer cells, where they may play a role in spreading the cancer.

Although these type of therapies are often used in regenerative medicine, the fact is that one of the primary ways stem cells promote healing is by releasing exosomes. These exosomes encourage wound healing by activating the release of growth factors and stimulating cell regeneration. The messenger-RNA in exosomes released by stem cells may also play a key role in healing diseased and injured tissues.

What conditions may be treated with exosome cell therapies?

Exosomes can be isolated, extracted, and used in medical therapies. Dr. Madala uses exosomes to treat conditions such as sports injuries, neck pain, chronic back pain, and disc problems.

Dr. Madala specializes in regenerative therapies and stays up to date on the latest developments, offering today’s most innovative and effective treatments that use the body’s natural cells to heal.

To learn more about cell therapies and whether you’re a good candidate for exosome treatment, call Pain Consultants of Michigan/ A & R Therapies or schedule an appointment online today.