Mild Procedures

Do you experience pain or numbness in your lower back when standing upright?
Do you experience pain, numbness, or tingling in your legs or buttocks when you walk?
Is your discomfort relieved when you bend forward at the waist or sit down?
Then the mild® procedure may be for you. For more information click here

What is Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS)?

“Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is primarily a degenerative, age-related narrowing of the lower spinal canal that causes pressure on the nerves, leading to pain and reduced mobility. LSS is a common condition, with more than 1.2 million patients diagnosed and treated nationwide each year.

What is mild®?

Created by Vertos Medical, mild® is a safe procedure that can help many patients diagnosed with LSS stand longer and walk farther with less pain. It is a short, outpatient procedure performed through an incision the size of a baby aspirin that requires no general anaesthesia, no implants and no stitches. The procedure has a reported positive-response rate of 81 percent and more than 15,000 patients have undergone the procedure nationwide. mild® is a proprietary technology of Vertos Medical Inc. It is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for decompression of the lumbar spine.


How does it work?

One of the significant contributors to LSS is an excess of ligament tissue (called hypertrophic ligamentum flavum) between the vertebrae. A physician can use mild® devices to remove small portions of excess tissue through a small incision (about the size of a baby aspirin). This restores space in the spinal canal, which reduces the compression of the nerves. The procedure is performed using fluoroscopy, which gives the physician continuous X-Ray visualization of the treatment area and is a key safety feature.

Safe Procedure

  • X-ray-guided (using fluoroscopy) to Ensure Continuous Safety:
    • Visualization of the mild® devices and treatment area before and during the procedure
    • All activity is posterior to the dura (delicate sac that surrounds the spinal cord)
  • Outpatient Procedure:
    • No general anaesthesia required
    • Small incision – 5.1 mm (size of a baby aspirin)
    • No stitches
    • No implants
  • Low Complication Rate:
    • No dural tears, nerve root damage or blood loss requiring transfusion reported in any clinical trials.
    • Adverse event rate <0.1% in more than 15,000 commercial cases.

For detailed information on the potential risks associated with the mild® procedure,

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